Beautiful people and a tutorial

I am humbled by the number of gracious people who stopped by my blog and took the time to comment on my work. You ladies rock! I am so happy that you find pleasure in what you saw.
And thank you to all the glorious women who became followers. I can’t wait to get to know you. I’ve made many wonderful friends online already. What a great way to connect!
It’s my pleasure to announce that I’m launching a lace kit so you can make one of the fabric lace pages like this one:
The kit will contain everything that is needed: a choice of two images printed on fabric, the doillies, a piece of antique lace from my private collection, vintage buttons, a piece of jewelry, everything. Just go to my store to get a complete kit.
It will work along with the tutorial that I post on this blog.
And since so many of you are interested in the tutorial, let’s start TODAY!!!!!
The first thing you need for your fabric collage is a great image on fabric. Yes, you need lace and more lace, but if your image is not right, your collage will not be stunning.

There are many ways to get a good image on fabric. The fastest and most expensive way is to buy your fabric ready to go from brands like Jacquard, Claudine Hellmuth, Fredrix. You just Google them and you will have an infinite choice of material, such as canvas, cotton, silk, organdy. And a choice of prices too. These are ready to run through your printer, either laser or inkjet. You can find most brands at Michaels or Joann’s, and most definitely online, Amazon being a quick source.
The next method which I like to use, gives great results, and is inexpensive, is to create my own fabric sheets ready for the printer. That way, I have the choice of the materials and fabrics I’ll use.
You need some freezer paper and an iron. Any old brand of freezer paper will do. Freezer paper is found in most grocery stores in the same aisle as foil, plastic wrap, etc. Make sure it says FREEZER paper. Do not use wax paper, it’s not the same thing and wax paper won’t work.
It’s best if your fabric is ready to go. By that, I mean have it coffee or tea stained already, and ironed flat.
Take a long sheet of the freezer paper, and with the glossy side up, iron your fabric on the glossy paper. The glossy is a very mild type of wax that will bond your fabric to the freezer paper.

You can even buy your freezer sheets already cut to 8.5 x 11. These are $8.95 for 30 sheets.
Freezer Paper Sheets
If you have not bought precut freezer sheets, then take a blank sheet of printer paper, and place it on your freezer/fabric. Cut around the freezer paper, although slightly smaller than the freezer paper is better. Make sure there are no stray bits of threads that could get caught in  your printer.
Voila. All you have to do now is run your freezer/fabric through your printer as you would with paper. Select an image that has good contrast. You can manipulate your image in any free image processor online, to make sure it has good contrast.
Some printers will have a setting for printing on fabric. My HP does.
Then print. Once the freezer/fabric comes out, gives it a minute for the ink to dry, then peel the fabric from the freezer paper. Your image is now ready to sew onto the fabric collage.
Sometimes, you’ll find that the ink is still a bit faint. Golden make a great product, that of course, being Golden, is not cheap! Sad smile(
They are a product designed specifically for printing on unusual surfaces. You apply a coat all in one direction. Let it dry. Then apply a second coat going against the previous direction. Let dry. Then you end up with the same fabric you could have paid a fortune for at the art store. It definitely makes a difference, even if you only apply one coat.
Here is a pretty lady that is free for you to use in  your fabric collage. Do come back for the next step of making your collage: preparing your fabrics. In the meantime, go through your stash and start pulling pretty fabrics. Or go to my store to get a complete kit.
Email me if you have any questions. I’m happy to help.
And  you can still enter my blog giveaway. See the post immediately below. The draw is Feb 1. 
See you soon!


  1. Thank you for the great information...I usually use the ready made sheets, but have been wanting to try making my own...

  2. I am so looking forward to working on this project! I have some great pictures of my family from many many years ago!! Some of my great grandmother as a child! Oh I can't wait to get started! Earlier today, I pulled out some of the lace pieces I have collected. Again mostly family collected!!

    1. Robyn: That's the way. Now you can print your cherished images on fabric to incorporate in your fabric collages. You scan them into your computer, then print them as discussed in the tutorial. What a beautiful book this will be. Or maybe collages for each of your kids.

    2. A Store!! Directions on how to print on fabric and a beautiful images!! Wow, thank you Sox!!!
      Time to go shopping!!
      Warm Hugs my friend!!


  3. Your work is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  4. Thanks Sox!!! Do you just basically "dump" your fabric in coffee??? LOL ! I have never dine that! What kind of fabric is best for that?

  5. Can you tell me which specific Golden product you are referring to? I can not read the label on the picture you posted.

  6. Thank you so much for your clear tutorial and the fact that you are willing to share this with us. It has been such a closely guarded skill so far and I have made fabric books and collages myself, using my own intuition. I invested in several books but unfortunately, not that great. Once again, thanks a bunch! Donna

  7. Socrates, thanks bunches for all the information! Looking forward to making a fabric book!
    Beth P


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