Lace book pages and a giveaway

My other Lace Book theme is vintage, and I just made two pages for Marita. Her colors are black, white and sepia for vintage  ladies.

I found an old black glove, which is holding a vintage lace handkerchief.  The focal image is printed on fabric, as well as the text pieces.


The black bead in the middle is a vintage beaded ear-ring.







The fabric in the background was gifted to me by the Druxinia mattress people. They gave me one their sample catalog, which I am putting to good use

. CIMG6785

I found the amazing black lace on ebay. It is all covered in beads and sequins, very impressive.


And the fantastic flower is from Button Emporium in Portland. I wish I could go there again and get more.


This is the spine of the double page spread. I hope you appreciate the effort at ‘art photography’. All in the spirit of the coming Giveaway.



I am part of a blog hop. Next Saturday 19th January is the "Grow Your Blog" Event which is being sponsored by Vicki at

For the occasion, I have made… drum roll… a lovely lace journal. I will be showing it on my blog on the 19th, so be sure to visit Saturday.

To be entered into my Giveaway all you have to do on the 19th is leave a comment.  You do not have to become a follower, just leave a comment on that day. The giveaway will be drawn on Feb 1st.

Here’s a little teaser: it will be vintage, and it will be Paris inspired. Smile)

See you here Saturday!CIMG6752


  1. Oh, I will be there. Your pages for Marita are wonderful, of course, and her color scheme is dreamy. I can only imagine what you've done with fabric, lace, and Paris!

  2. I will absolutely be there!!! Your pages for Marita are fabulous!!! But you killed me!!! I had found a beautiful black vintage glove on Ebay and was saving it for Marita!!! But I go right after you so obviously I can not do the glove!!! Darn!

  3. These pages are lovely, sox

  4. Love my pages SO much! Thank you! And can't wait to see the Vintage Lace book you have done! I will have to make a note to be online on Sat to SEE and leave a comment!

  5. Great job, Sox. As always, such lovely pages. I am also on the Grow Your Blog next week - cool - will come by and sign in. Love and hugs from Alaska. Karen

  6. What beautiful pages. I LOVE the intrigue of the black glove.

  7. The black and cream is a stunning combo! I really love the vintage image and beautiful flower!

  8. wow-I'll be back on the 19th for sure!! such lovely books you make!

  9. Like the look so much. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Well Sox I was here visiting days ago and left you a comment but it must have vanished!!!!
    However, just love this page - it is so dramatic with all the black especially that gorgeous lace and glove!
    Beautiful work dear friend,
    See you again tomorrow for the Party!

  11. I love all the little details that you add to your work . . . everything is just stunning.

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  13. I am so honored to have actually played with you in your studio!
    You continue to be an artistic inspiration for art work.
    Thank you .
    This lace book is exquisite .
    Love, liz

  14. Your lace books are fabulous! Please enter me in your giveaway!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  15. Your art is very nice. It all has the same serene feel to it. I especially like your paintings. Thank you for sharing in this blog party.

  16. The black, white and sepia i a great combination. The black glove and hanky are a great show.




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