Necklace in progress

I have been dreaming of making a large ‘statement’ necklace in the style of the beaded bracelets I make.

I planned the design on paper, but after some reflection, it turned out it was rather a mistake:


Whatever it reminds you of, it’s just not something that I was willing to wear. Darn that I had just read that you can glue the stones with epoxy. Strong stuff!

Here’s the design in progress:




This beautiful centre piece just came with my friends who are visiting, an old ear ring from a thrift store.

It is such a joy to design. Although that designing as you go can be quite a headache, to avoid being repetitive.

Here is a picture of my setup when I’m beading. I have a stainless steel tray with a low lip, and I can stop my work quickly, and transport it or move it out of the way. I have most of the colors I’ll use in little stackable plastic containers, or zip lock bags. The beads for the fringe are separate, since that will happen only at the end. Thimble, beading scissors, thread, scoop for picking up beads. Voila:


And a true picture of a dog’s life in Palm Springs:



  1. I loved the very metallic look of this piece. Very Aztec. This will be magnificent to wear.

  2. This is going to be amazing when you are done Six! I take it neither one of you misses the Canadian winters!

  3. Oh boy I can't believe how much further advanced since I last viewed your blog here. I can really say now that this is looking very elegant - a far cry from the original design! Love in inserts.
    Beautiful work Sox!
    x Suzy

  4. Absolutely beautiful piece, Sox. Will be stunning, indeed.

  5. OMG.... Sox.. What a masterpiece! You mention glue.... is this glued or are the beads on string.... what a work of art!!!!!!

  6. Darling Mr. of love.
    Living with a prolific artist!!! In the Sunshine and warmth~ Heaven.

  7. This is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the fringe addition. I hope you get as much pleasure from wearing it as you did from creating it.

  8. Marita, the large pieces are glued down, then captured with beads. Each bead on the necklace is embroidered individually. That's what takes so long...


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