Jacqueline Sullivan class

I just bought of DVD of painting techniques by Jacqueline Sullivan. I really believe that video step by step of the process is the best online learning tool. You can go back, take your time, watch it over, and it's usually more precise than just a pdf file. I'm completely sold on the process.

She teaches acrylic techniques with everything UNDER the kitchen sink incorporated in the painting. I'm reasonably satisfied with my results. I like the warmth of the colors and the amazing textures.

I have just fallen in love with Golden Quadrachrodone Nickel Azo Gold, which Jacqueline uses a lot as well. I've also used some copper, metal blue and metal green acrylic paints.


  1. I love golden products also. I am going to have to some of these metal paints...they are beautiful. thanks for sharing. Vickie

  2. it a amazing paitings i shocked to seen the yourwork .bukup dear fantastic waork ...dil khus kar diya yar Govind +919981735310


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