Sketchbook start

I've collaged the pages of the sketchbook, since I don't sketch.

I've used some of my montages from Photoshop, and combined them.
My theme is Past, Present, Future.

I hold that there is no such thing as time. It's an illusion that man has created for.... organizing workers? I'm not sure.
But time in my opinion, doesn't really exist. It's an artificial construct, and all there is is NOW. The past is an imagination, a false memory. The future... never comes, if you really think about it.

With that in mind, I started to construct my sketchbook. I've done all the pages, now I need to add text.


  1. Sox - I just love all of the collage work you do on PS. I wish I knew how to use that program - it looks like so much fun! Great pages. I love the one with the tortoise & Hare! :) xoox!

  2. I love collages which offer a new connection/insight with each viewing. And that is exactly what you are creating in this "sketchbook"! Time, past, future, present - so many connections!

  3. Lol, a sketchbook for a non-sketcher! I call mine my art journal. Then I can do anything to it and it all fits. Collages and photoshop pages work great. Just don't glue one in upside down as I did once. It is fun to see everyone's reactions at coming to it though!

    I just skimmed down and looked at zentangles, journal color pages and your lettering pages. You've been very busy. It's so much fun isn't it? I don't know why my husband thinks I should stop and clean house!


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