Second jacqueline sullivan painting

Maybe I shouldn't blame the painting on Jacqueline Sullivan. I do have a few collages on there which is certainly not part of the course.
I had this idea of India, so gathered my pieces to be glued at some point.
I had intended for this piece to be blue, then I fell in love with the golds and oranges, and here it is, not blue at all!!!

I tried to keep it reasonably light, but it sure does look intense.

The theme is India, with its mystery, and its secrets that can be (l)earned through meditation and practicing detachment. I may add a bit more to it after I sleep on it, but it's pretty much there.

This is my first work of this size. It's 14 x 12. It's made on a piece of melamine board that I had in the garage. It weighs a ton, so it probably will never hang anywhere!!! lol

Still in the learning process, and loving it immensely.


  1. Sox - I absolutely love the eyes. The dripping coming from the eyes is fantastic. The color is so rich - I wouldn't have picked blue either. It's too bad it's so heavy however, a second hand easel would do the trick for displaying. xoxo

  2. It's beautiful Sox! The colors are perfect... it evokes so much emotion. The eyes are stunning, I swear they are looking into my soul. The textures are great, I want to run my fingers over it. You've got to find a way to display this, even if it's just leaning it on a shelf or something.

  3. It's a great piece. I love the mystery of it. Having to look for what the layers contain. The colors are terrific.

  4. Sox, I love this painting!!! This turned out absolutely beautiful. Vickie


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