I'm posting the result of the past few days' experiments. I've been having a lot of fun, integrating the various classes I've taken online.

First, the Joggles class led by Sarah Whitmire, about paint techniques.

I took advantage of what I'd learned to 'fix' the cover of the art journal I'm making for the Artists of the Round Table site.

Then, I worked in my art journal, adding text to the backgrounds.

I've also gotten quite excited with the Teesha Moore videos on Youtube and have been practicing her techniques.

She generously shared her funky lettering method, and I'd been researching on the net some examples so I could practice.


  1. Again, beautiful work. The Joker page is great...I have known that feeling a time or two. The one with the white bird in your art journal has such great colors and then with the white text it's fantastic!

  2. Beautiful paint textures! Always fun to explore new methods!

  3. These pages are beautiful. I'll have to check out Teesha Moore's youtube video - I never get on youtube! I must be missing a lot. I love how she does her lettering! Thanks for sharing this!


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