Work space

Or is that a play room? I certainly love spending time here. I used to work only in the downstairs kitchen, over a tiny counter and standing up. My back decided pretty quickly that it was not going to do, and yesterday, I moved into the downstairs den.

It's a wonderful area, and I'm surrounded with my books. There is a woodstove, which is working overtime right now and a couch for the pooch.

I've covered the table with contact plastic to protect it so that I can still paint on it. Next, I might get myself a comfortable chair but it's OK at the moment, still I'm never leaning back anyway.

Lat night, I did a little christmas project that I had seen online this week and I think it came out ok:

That put me right in the christmas mood and I had decided that I'd start christmas early this year, so I put up the tree today. It looks mighty fine.

I had some serious help, with the black puppy visiting from across the street and giving advice.

Mr Paul was quite happy to have the company, since I was ignoring him with my christmas preparations. And yes, his chin is .... some color. He found one of the red plastic apple decoration and made short order of desintegrating it. Red paws, red mouth. Too bad it was not his nose. We could have found a job for him in a few weeks. (And his brother's name is already Rudi!!!!)

But, no, he's rolling around on his back right now, waiting for me to go play. Sooo, it's goodbye till nex time.


  1. I just want to curl up in this room. It's so cozy!!!

  2. Oh the doggies are sooo cute. Enjoy your tree. We visit our daughter over Christmas so don't put up a tree anymore. I kind of miss it as we don't get to her house till just a few days before Christmas.


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