Julie Prichard painting class

Other than painting my various houses successfully, I'd say that i was pretty paint challenged.
I have been in awe of some of the gorgeous backgrounds I have seen produced by my art friends on our various yahoo homes.
So I signed myself up for an online class with Julie Prichard.

This first one is supposed to be reminiscent of the sea. I have to admit that the original is way darker than that.

This next one is lesson three. All these are made with many layers, and the lessons are immense fun. Julie is very precise, and she shows each step as she takes it. Can't ask for better than that for an online class.
I can't imagine these paintings as background for our journal, but that's what they're for.


  1. oh, I sure can imagine these as our backgrounds however, I love them just the way that they are. If you were to add a few collage pieces on there, a quote with some funky lettering, and a journal entry on each page it would be just lovely! xox

  2. I agree with Toni! Sit on them for a while and the inspiration will hit you to take them where ever you want to. They look fantastic!

  3. I am a big fan of Julie's. I too will be signing up for one of her classes soon. Your paintings came out awesome.

  4. I love these. They have so much depth. Sometimes less is more.

  5. Isn't Julie the greatest...I have taken that workshop and just loving using those techniques...I redid a canvas of roses and music I did not like doing it Julie's way and it is pretty well finished..except...it sits and I keep adding a little more here and there....you definitely learn a bundle in her class..Her journaling workshop is amazing too..you learn how to make amazing journals from scratch...


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