More Photoshop

I've been reviewing my Photoshop montages of this year. There are more than 200 to date, starting in May...

And in the middle of all that review, I got creative and some montages were screaming to be made.

I call this first one, The Fool. It's made up of photos from an artist I love, B.Reynolds and my ubiquitous balls, and a few manipulations.

The next one is Cabin Fever, with photos from istock and xce to which I subscribe. The rose is from the Dali painting.

And those who follow my work will recognize that cat, he's everywhere.

Finally, I made this one, on the theme of Death. To me, Death is a joyous thing. It's only sad for those who stay behind. We selfishly want to hold on to the person, the pet, the relationship, for our own sake, disregarding the person, pet or event concerned. I've helped many people make the transition. In Joy, not sadness.


  1. Love these! Especially the death one. Love the whole thing... the planet in the background, the door, the path. Very powerful. You are awesome at photoshop! I have CS3 but only use it to "fix" photos. I really need to learn more about it!

  2. These are nice... very dreamy... I would love to be able to visit the place you made on the bottom one. Beautiful!!!

  3. Great job - though, I'm not usually a fan of death themed spreads - this one is really beautiful. THank you for sharing!

  4. Beautiful!!! I just love your photoshop work! It seems that you have a wonderful soul... I'll be back!


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