My favorite abstract so far

This is my favorite painting so far. This one has quite a history. I already had a second-hand canvas that had a 60's type very modern painting on it (not mine). It was brown, with oranges and blue, you get the picture. I covered the whole thing with white gesso, but I couldn't get that blue out.

So I covered the whole think in dark blue, and did an automatic painting in black. One thing let to another, I covered most of the dark blue with paler shades and... let her rip, as Steve Aimone told us to do.

I really like this one.


  1. I really like this one too - and I think I have told you in the group. Just reminding you. Your "let her rip" technique is really working for you!!

  2. stopping by from Kellys class and blog hopping.... don't you love meeting new people through this hopping.. ?..
    Nice to meet you.. and I will be back.. come by and visit me too. hugs, Darlene xo

  3. lots of energy in this. free yet there's a form emerging in there too.

  4. A really dynamic work - has wonderful energy. Ilove your header also and of course peeling paint is one of my favourite things too ahhhhh..........


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