My latest paintings - June 2010

Here are more of the abstract paintings I've been working on.

This first one is based on the Julie Prichard Layer Love class 2. It worked really beautifully, then I had this huge central area, very light and lovely and.... I couldn't think of what to do with it. The bright yellow area is actually a map. It's 38x30, and it has a lot of texture on canvas. It proved to me that it could be done. And that I could do it. 

The next one is 48x30 again, an exercise with lots of color and just paint textures.

And finally, a pure color exercise. This is canvas as well.


  1. I see a little Nick Bantock showing through in that top photo and his colors in the bottom one...Lovely!

  2. I have this to look forward to in the layer Love class? Wow. Sox. That top one is amazing.

  3. I love your LL2 painting. It's gorgeous! I'm trying to make it bigger to study it, but it keeps giving me an error message. I agree with Lorena... a little bit Bantock?

  4. I really like the face in the top painting and the depth of color in the green. And I like the 3rd abstract a lot!!

  5. oh hello your painting is wonderful! I love the colors, depth and yellow gold hues with the images behind~ I found you via blog hop.
    Glad to meet you, Theresa


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