Circles Round Robin

I am doing a Round Robin with some mighty talented ladies, and of course, the first pages I get to make are for wonderful Ingrid Dijkers. I spent a lot of time last year studying her tunnel books, they just blew me away. You can see them on her website:

Her theme for this Round Robin is "Circles".
For some reason, Circle crops popped into my mind and off I went:

The text reads: If you eat Circle crop foods, and on the next page, ... will you see Martians?
So here is the next page:

The painting is based on an aboriginal design. I guess after 16 years in Australia, I really developed a taste for that style.

I did a cutout as well, to give it depth. You pull on the black button, to reveal the depth within. Or something like that. lol

We were to decorate the front and back of the page, so I used a circle stencil, what else!

And we had to explain the method we used, so I made a little card:

With psychedelic bangles... (No comments!)

Ingrid also made a fantastic page for me. My book is the "Imaginary journey with Nick Bantock", which you can see  here.
Here is the page she made for my book, on her blog.

I'm really happy with my book. Two years before it comes back to me, as 20 artists will be working in it over that time!!!!


  1. Great work your, dots are spot on and very pretty she will love it I am sure!

  2. Sox - your pages are just beautiful! The crop circles are always so fascinating and I love the aboriginal designed page too. The colors are so vivid and the design just pulls me into it! Well done - I am sure she will love it too!

  3. Sox, this is lovely! How did you make the crop circle page? I love the color--it almost has a glow. The aboriginal design is so powerful with the bold choice of colors and I just love your tag! Well done!

  4. What a long time to wait for your book to return. You did a wonderful job and I think crop circles are perfect, and martians. How cool is that?

  5. I love the question you pose!! And the aboriginal design. Twenty artists--wow!

  6. See, I told you that you would do a fantastic job! Funny too :-) You wore those bangles didn't you??

  7. I love your interpretation. As always, your artwork is awesome too. I would be impatient waiting 2 years!!

  8. Your work is wonderful, as always.


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