A painting a day

Here's my painting for yesterday, in my One Painting A day till October 29, when I attend the next workshop with Steve Aimone.

Since I'm pretty much starting from scratch in that painting game, I figured I'd learn a thing or two if I made a painting every day. I was so right. I've learned heaps already.

I like yellow, can you tell? I'm going to keep using that color, it keeps me happy. And since I was making circles for Ingrid's Round robin book yesterday, I'm going to make circles today.

Or at least that's the plan, depending on what else the Muse has in mind.


  1. Oh Sox! I LOVE this one--best yet!!

  2. great. looks like you're enjoying yourself. and playing IS the way to learn isn't it?

  3. Hopping in from the blog hop. This painting is amazing, and I'm loving this site. Love your work, and will be back for more inspiration~


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