What I do when I'm not painting

I've taken a few days off painting so I can attend to some Round Robin journals I have to decorate.

This first  one is a Marie round robin. The theme was Marie's inbox in her gmail account. I chose to copy a spam message I had received, one of those where you will get 60% of the 6500000000000000000 Million dollars if you just.... etc from Mr Bazgonla Bonzo.
His scheme was about the poor Queen's necklace, to help her avoid the scandal. I reproduced the necklace, with tons of bling and little crystals, white bows, etc.

The next one is a mini cloth and paper book I made on the system taught by Mary Ann Moss of Remains of the Day. Best online class I ever took. I saw a model from Susie Lafont where the book was 2.5: X 4. This is what I made the book too, it's just adorable.

I also made a bigger one, based on a Marie Antoinette theme. This one is 5x8. It's more manageable. Here are the front and back.

And some of the pages.

They are just a ton of fun. You get rid of a lot of small pieces of paper and fabrics, lace. It's all good.

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  1. Hi Sox!!
    Love your marie book!! And the necklace!


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