Round robin books

In the middle of my "painting a day' project, I've also been making Round Robin journals.
The first one is for Lisa, in the Round Robin on my Sketchbook Yahoo group. Her theme is 'things with wings".  The caption is: Grrrls who want to fly.
Having a bit of fun with the theme, I guess.
The butterfly wings on the left page are actually a belt closure. I had to ask the neighbor to grind the hooks so that the metal would lay flat. Yeah for E2000 glue!

The lady on the right is levitating (I think) with a bit of help from a couple of bugs. I thought that was funny! It's just me. I hope Lisa likes it too.

The little tag above is the library card that Lisa used to identify the participants. I decorated mine.

The next book I worked in is also for the Sketchbook Round Robin. I guess I just have not posted for a while. This one is for Janet's book, and her theme is the Feminine Goddess. It is already a beautiful book. Other participants had already covered some of the ideas that I had, so I had to come up with something else. I hit on the idea of Sheherazade.

On the left page, we have the Sultan, and on the right page, the lady herself. She's actually covered with a lace veil, but it was easier to take the picture without it. lol
I used some earrings that I had to decorate her, and I put an arabic portal decoration around her. I'm going to add calendar pages counting off the 1001 nights.


  1. Sox, these are all beautiful. I'm kind of sad I have already worked in these books and won't get to see the "real thing" The bug lady makes me smile.

  2. LOVE IT! I wanna fly. And you know how much I love those stars! Perfect :-)


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