Accordeon book

I've been taking this online class on Roses on my table and each month, she teaches a new technique.This month was this lovely accordeon book that I proceeded to make.

I am not very satisfied with my ribbons, I think they need to be smaller. Other than that, this was loads of fun. I can see making a few more on a variety of themes certainly a steampunk one in the new future.

 I had these marvelous images that I had gathered from a now defunct British magazine: Victoria. They now have a home.


  1. Just wonderful, love the images and the ribbons. Looks like you had fun :)

  2. That is a beautiful book! So far I never made an accordeon book, but I will try one soon. Seems I am much too attached to my bound books.
    You are right - this would make an awesome gift. And you can match the theme to the recipient's moods, for instance flowers for a hobby gardener.

  3. I love your images, Sox - I wish I could find more pictures like that to use in collages. You use them so artfully too!

  4. Gorgeous! You DO have the coolest images around! It's a beautiful book, fat ribbons and all :-)


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