Marie Antoinette goes grunge

I have worked in the Marie Antoinette Round Robin book. Elena's theme is Marie's diary when she's in prison waiting for Mr Guillotine and reminiscing.

I couldn't imagine Marie being all that chirpy so my pages ended up all grunged up.
This is the left page. It has an old book where she wrote; It's not my fault. Stop looking at me! I didn't spend all the money. It was Louis with his stupid war in America. Don't look at me like that. 

The right page is first seen through a window, all foggy.

And the window opens:

I owe the wonderful face with the outrageous make up to my friend Tracy Chapman who sent me a bunch of amazing files. Thanks Tracy. I can't go wrong with your help....

***Amendment, thank you Elena, yes, of course, I meant our own inimitable Tracy Kaufman!!!!*****


  1. Love your grunge Marie pages. Like the bird in the corner!

  2. What a great theme idea! You did a great job. I think this is my first grungy Marie I've seen :-)

  3. That last collage is freakin' fantastic! Sorry, but it is! Absolutely my favorite of yours!!!

  4. What a wonderful and fun Marie page. Love the idea of the windows...

  5. Woo HOO!!! MINE! MINE! MINE! Thank you Sox!!! They are FANTASTIC!!! And by the way.... did you mean Tracy KAUFMAN???? LOL!!!

  6. What interesting pages. I love how you told a story too. I wish I could see them in person.

  7. These are so very unique and wonderful! How did you come up with the idea? Well done!


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