Portland 2010 Art and Soul retreat - Fat Book

Here I come! It's already September, which means that the next Art and Soul retreat is not that far away..

As per tradition, there is a Fat Book being created, in which I participated. The theme is still Alice in Wonderland, just like in the previous retreats. This time, it was Alice and her Friends, Weird and Wacky.

Hummmmm, what do you do with a theme like this? Create 24 pages.... I researched images in my stash and found these sources of inspiration.

Finally the mad hatter from deviantart.com started my wheel going and this is the result:

I painted them with the glorious Stewart Gill glossy paints from Artistcellar. I added a few watch parts and some Lewis Carol quotes, et voila.

I'll pick up my own book in Portland from the 10th of October. Those retreats are always amazing and I'm taking a ton of fabulous classes. Yeah, can hardly wait.


  1. Your Alice pages look fabulous and wacky! I like the steampunk mad hatter :-D That is going to be one magnificent book!

  2. Love your Alice pages. Wish I was going to Art and Soul!


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