Hawaii Round Robin

I have been working ahead on this fabulous Round Robin I'm involved in. I send pages that will be tipped-in to the owners' books, so I can work as I fit it in my schedule.

The next theme I had to work on is Joy. I always find such a broad and generic theme difficult to work with. Also the artists involved are immensely talented and I am terribly intimidated by their level of expertise. I'm definitely working on lifting my game up. I'm studying the wonderful Altered 101, 102, 103, Special Effects series. Here's to hoping...

So here's what I created for Joy: what makes me really happy is a warm sunny day by the ocean. So I painted a beach using lots of gel for texture, as well as the wonderful Golden glass beads.  and alcohol inks. I hid little inside the 'sand' to show what else creates Joy.

And here are the notes in the sand. They read and represent: eccentric art, meditation, travel, being alive, books, Cirque du Soleil, sunshine on the beach.

The next theme I had to work with is Mandalas. I'm not sure how it came about, but one thought led to the other, I wanted to include something 'interesting', and all in a sudden, I'm making mandalas in fabric on top of watercolor paper, with silk fibers and free motion sewing!

Why not, I guess.

This one is a bit hard to see, since it's made of white fabric and white fibers on top of gold and white paper. The paper itself has a lot of texture, which I spray painted gold.

In this one, I've inserted silk threads, and there are 3 little glass hearts.


  1. Your joy book page is wonderful. I love the notes in the sand idea. And Cirque du Soleil brings me joy too!

  2. Nice Sox. Love the colors in the joy book and your mandalas are very neat!


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