Nick Bantock mail art challenge

I've been making so many different styles of art, I was starting to lose focus. I've been painting large abstract canvases, I've been making smaller collages in the Nick Bantock style, I've been attending to my commitments with various Round Robins, altered books, and Fat Book pages.

I decided I would focus on the Nick Bantock style of painting, since I so adore his style and I got so much from the workshop in July on Salt Springs.

Then it occurred to me that I could kill 2 stones with one bird (intended) and fill my mailbox which is usually very empty, and start a mail art challenge. This all happened Saturday, and by Monday, the competition was up.

The complete text of the challenge is here. No fees to enter, no return of your artwork. There are prizes and all the entries will be displayed in a book. That book will be available for purchase as well. It's a chance for everyone to see their artwork in print. A win-win, I think.

Above is the piece I had created during the workshop. Now I can focus on generating more and entering them in the challenge too. ;-))


  1. Great Job, Sox.
    Good luck to you and all the entrants. I hope to be one.

  2. Very beautiful and so much in his style- wonderful creation!

  3. Lovely...and with a Bhikku (Monk) also should generate good karma abidding :-)

  4. So YOU are the muse behind the art mail challenge! Bravo!
    Your timing with the once in a life time showing is spot on.
    We are thrilled to be showing close to 250 pieces probably never to be seen together again. Thank you for spreading the word.
    Lonnie Hanzon
    Wizard in Residence
    Museum of Outdoor Arts


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