Creating inspiration cards

My Yahoo group is involved in creating Inspiration cards from each other. We have prompts that we can choose from, and every other week, we send a home made card to someone on the list. Since I was hosting it, I could make the rules, so I put in there that the cards could be digital, since I always have so much fun making digital montages. 

My first one is based on the theme: "this too shall pass"

This next one is based on those moments "when you lose track of time because we're involved in something"
Here's my interpretation.

I combined grunge and mail art, adding a postage stamp to the card after I printed it.


  1. Sox-so nice to actually see your cards instead of hoping that yahoo will show them!! And I like looking at them on your blog, because I can click to see all the very cool details!!

  2. Wow! I'm not the world's greatest fan of digital work, but these are absolutely stunning :)

    Thank you

  3. I love them. And I can see the influences from all your workshops wafting through. I finally got caught up reading through your blog. I love your work and your energy. What that shows as is the 'energy of your work.' Congrats on meeting an idol that met expectations. Love Lori from Sketchbook


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