Bantock look alike mail art

I’ve been practicing making mail art, hopefully in a vague Nick Bantock fashion, although I would not even venture to imagine my puny efforts get anywhere close to his amazing art work.

So I just be me, and do my own artwork.



scan0001 scan0002 scan0003

Now seeing all my images together, I detect a vague tendency toward the Cadmium Yellow Hue saturation. Hummm, maybe time to find other colors to play with…


  1. They may all have cad yellow in them, but I like them a lot! Where do you find all those lovely postal rubber stamps?

  2. I love cadmium yellow hue!! One of my favs!

  3. Fantastic pieces, and not too yellow at all.

  4. These are GREAT Sox! I do love the color scheme, one of my favorites.

  5. I am enjoying looking at your art. These mail art pieces are lovely.


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