Another painting

I've made another painting this afternoon. What a pleasant process. I've been learning how to make transfers using gel medium and either transparencies, or plain printer paper.

This one incorporates several transfers. I've learned that if I'm going to tack down a page, I should tear off the edges so they don't show so stark in the final painting.

The colors out of my camera really don't do justice to the painting, which is mainly turquoise and green. I'll have to start taking pictures during the day.

Still, I'm incredibly pleased with the result. This one is the biggest to date: 16 x 21, on a foamboard. At least, it's lighter than the last one with the particle board!!!! I'm learning....


  1. Wow Sox, this is incredible! The colors are so ethereal and the textures look yummy! When will the tutorial come out? you should video yourself painting it!

  2. Yes Sox, I a video! I would love to see your process.

  3. Love your colors. It has inspired me. I forget to work on Foamcore board... I have a bunch too.

    LOVE videos... that would be a wonderful video workshop.

    Thank you
    and thank you for the Mandala website link today I posted it up on Facebook for my creative friends.

    Cami Smith


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