Happy New Year postcard

I wish all of you who come to this blog that 2010 becomes the best year ever, whatever that means to you.
It`s a time to reflect about just that, what `the best`means to you.

With my wonderful friends on Yahoo group, we`ve been making a Dream Board for the coming year, putting down in pictures and words what we want to have happen in 2010.

Because, really...
it`s up to everyone of us to create our world the way we want it.

Happy creating.
Make it powerful.

Happy New Year!

Credit for the photo of the arm is ParkeHarrison. The others come from the internet.


  1. Very nice. Hope your year is wonderful too!

  2. Love your card.. We will have great art adventures next year!!

  3. Sox, you have a knack for combining images! I love the counterclockwise, spiraling open time clock, the blue earth heart, the wildflowers growing on the outstretched arm, the free, fluttering butterflies, ALL of it! And it even has strong attachments at the bottom for stability. Wishing you the best for 2010!

  4. What a lovely card, Sox. Your digital collages are out of this world and your art is always inspirational.

    Happy, happy new year and a prosperous 2010.

  5. Love the postcard, I am hoping for powerful wishes this new year myself! Hope yours is fantastic.


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