My sketchbook for the Art House project

I have completed my sketchbook for the Art House Project, and it's now on its merry way down to Georgia, getting ready for the big exhibit around the country.

My theme was Past, Present, Future. I used a lot of collage, and images I had manipulated in Photoshop. The text is by hand.

If you want to be among the first to view it, you can have a preview here:


  1. OMG Sox!! what a great job you did! it's amazing. were you sad to let it go?

  2. Love how you created the page turning slideshow and how it doesn't end but starts paging backwards. Fantastic images and ideas!

  3. AWESOME work Sox!! It must've taken you a long time... but so worth it! Beautiful.

  4. Sox;
    What a great spread. I love how you have presented it on your blog too! You have done so much hard work on it, it's sad to let it go isn't it? That's what cameras are for!lol.

  5. I'd like to sit down with it for a couple of hours and read every word. Is it mostly digital?

  6. LOVE it! I had seen it before on your other site, but this really shows it off well. And now you have it for keeps.


  7. your work is superb, what a talented lady you are! I looked up your picture on the blog and both you and your dog give off very good vibes.
    I look forward to more of your work
    wishing you well in body, mind and spirit
    may 2010 bring you joy!!!!!

  8. Such a great sketchbook. I love the two naked running babies! I'm so excited the end is almost near with this project and to see what we come up with in the New Year for projects. I'm definately looking forward to it. This was such a great experience for us all, and so many new found friendships. I love it! <3


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