A complete folded book

I have completed yesterday's folded book. It really looks fine, and this one didn't suffer, just got its type re-arranged. The book was called "Undue influence". Funny!

I'm now going to experiment with pages that have photos or banners, and see what the results are. Keep posted.

Till then, I'm working on a journal cover design, and altering a children's book to turn it into a house design. All this will be posted here of course. Do come back soon.


  1. You really are productive! :-)

    I did see that partially done yesterday, and all done today. And very cool. You are on an adventure in creativity. :-)

    bravo, Rick

  2. This is so different! I don't think I've seen anything like it except for some Christmas trees people used to make out of the Reader's Digest magazine and that just involved foldning the page triangularly. Your book looks quite nice.


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