Advancing in my soul journal class

There are so many images for this class homework this week, I"ll have to be selective.

This is the class that I'm taking online with Sarah Whitmire. It's the Soul Journal Advanced Techniques. There is a link on the side bar to her site. Once on her site, click on Prompts, and see the 22 prompts that started it all. And those are still free.

We had to cut windows that 'communicated' into four pages then attach our 'altered photos' from last week, then decorate the pages. It's been great fun.

It was a trial getting the pictures to show through the windows, it takes a lot of double-taping, moving, trying again.
I also had to prepare more 'altered photos' to fill all the spots. I also used some cutouts from magazines, and I did journal in place.

Here is the preparation work:

Since it is a 'soul journal', I got to write something in the Gesso while it was still wet, knowing that it will all get covered over with paint, photos and collage.

Then it was time to decorate the pages. It's always fun.

You can see here the peekaboo look through the four windows.

And here are some of the pages:

I added this photo that I just made:

This is the reverse side of the circle, looking toward the front of the book.

And the rest of the book. It's just too hard to explain. Enjoy!

And some of my favorites, for how the colors came out:


  1. your pages from class are super great
    i especially like your stairs spread!

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  3. Amazing! You have given so much thought and feeling to these pages. Your windows are well layered and interesting. The birds head peeking out from the top of your page gives a great sense of whimsy! Great job! :)



  4. These are totally amazing. I love the windows and the way you have positioned the images to show through. These are really awesome.

  5. It's obvious you enjoyed the creative process! Love the foldouts, pieces sticking above and below, the windows, the layers, the hidden meaning in images and words!


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