My playground

I started this blog under the instigation of the team who runs the Studio magazine, as they have an open (virtual) house this weekend. Part of the invitation was to post of photo of your workspace.

I don't have a workspace, only a playground, so take a peak.

When my sister saw it, she said it looked like a shop. I'll take it that means it was tidy, not that I have so much stuff....

I've just recently added an island from Walmart since I seem to be doing a lot of work standing up, with tons of drawers and space, so now, I'm organized.

This room is where all the virtual play happens, and the big screen for Photoshop. My sidekick in under the chair...

He'd say hi! if he weren't so tired creating amazing altered art.

Hugs from Sox and Mr Paul.


  1. What a great work space/studio you have! How wonderful to have a sink right there ~ and practical! Great idea to use the spice rack for holding odd-n-ends. It's got a good floor for cleaning up too (in case you're like me and have an 'oops' now and again). Lucky you with two monitors. And Mr Paul is absolutely adorable! He looks like my Winston, but my guy is part Yorkie, so he's got the gray/tan rather than white.

    Thanks for sharing your playground. I enjoyed visiting!

  2. I love seeing where other people work! Thanks for sharing! One of these days I need to post photos of my studio. :)


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