Think you can sketch? Draw? Paint?

If you think you can draw, sketch, paint, or 'merely' doodle, discover this challenge sent around the world.

The aims to build a library of sketchbooks by asking participants around the world to create your own sketchbook and donating it to a collection that will tour galleries across the country (the US).

You can be one of the founding contributors to The Sketchbook Library by signing up to receive a sketchbook, filling it up with art, and sending it back.

Your sketchbook will be among thousands of others that were made by artists from all over the world.Visitors will receive library cards and be able to view the books at exhibitions around the country.

The goal of the project is to create a giant collective of sketchbooks from around the globe and make it accessible to everyone.

Sketchbooks offers a glimpse into an artist's life, which is why we want to make a publicly accessible library of sketchbooks that people can browse, peruse, and check out. We think that this sketchbook collection has the potential to open a new line of communication between the artist and the viewer, since the experience of making and viewing are both so personal. Anyone can sign up to receive a sketchbook. Before joining the permanent collection, sketchbooks will be exhibited at select galleries across the US.

Project goal

The library will house thousands of sketchbooks from artists that reside all over the globe. They'll be touring around the United States with the collection starting in April, followed by a permanent location for the library in 2010. Your sketchbook will become part of the permanent library. Sign up to receive a blank sketchbook marked with a barcode that links it to a searchable database. When you send your completed book back, it will be included in the library. Future library patrons will be able to browse books alphabetically, by location, theme, etc

Currently in its fourth incarnation, The Sketchbook Project exhibited in October of 2007 with 500 artists participating from around the world. For Volume 3, the The Sketchbook Project toured to 9 different galleries and venues around the East Coast, connecting almost 3,000 artists together through the project.

I think it's a worthwhile project to get your voice heard, if only in a moleskin sketchbook.

I've signed up, of course, even though I don't draw or sketch (well). I doodle, with 3 decades of experience. That'll work!

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