A world for all people

I am so excited.... For months now, since last winter, I've watched my best friend: write a song, produce it, find singers, record it, then organize a video to match it, and create a website so we can have
I have tried to help as I could, applied my Photoshop skills, pitched in, even wrote a message in the bottle and threw that bottle in the ocean (retrieved immediately, not littering here).
I'm the one with the finger on her lip, then writing a message.
Please watch the video.

It's very lovely and heart warming. I think.
If you like it, you might send it to your friends.
If you REALLY believe that ONE person can make a difference, help make a world where we are all one, then visit the website, sign up, and let your voice be heard.
A painting, a photo, a story. We just don't know what WILL make a difference.

[[Yes, it's my puppy in the video and the photo. Back in May when he was muuuuuuuch smaller. ]]

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  1. Sox, the video is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. And the sand painting woman on the website is awesome. I had to watch her twice then called my daughter to watch.

    And your calendar page is gorgeous. I'm a fellow February birthday too :-)


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