My last ATC

I participated in an ATC swap, which was based on the theme: Summer of Love 1969. I was only young at that time, and in France, where Woodstock only came out on the news and as a movie. I remember taking my grandmother to see it. Hummm. She didn't really blink an eye.
I associate that area with psychedelic drugs, hence the tone of the ATC. The background is based on an illustration by Michael Green about the poet Rumi 'finding a doorway to eternity'.
I happened to also have started this work on September 29th, when it was announced that Hindu sage Ramesh Balsekar ended duality. He found HIS doorway to eternity.
However, I still find the piece real somber, even after I added gold to the background, and sparkles all over.

I've also realized that ATC is just not my format. This was my first and being French, I didn't really twigged to the fact that 2.5 x 3.5 INCHES!!!!! is very small.

I like painting in journal pages, and even altering books, I can paste photos, but if I'm going to write or paint, I want a large format.

I post the photo here.

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  1. I love this ATC. I love your blog. You are ONE very talented lady. I'm so glad you joined this swap. Like you, I am geared toward larger pieces. ATCs are really too small for my enjoyment, too. However, I have found that people won't sign up for swaps that are the larger format I like to play in.

    Can't wait to see these in person.


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