This guy blew my mind!!!!!

I just found a website that discusses the book art of Brian Dettmer.
Now I am an acknowledged book lover, book reader, and book destroyer, I mean alterer.

I'm always on the look out for techniques and tutorials. I stumbled on this yesterday.

Here's the website where even more of his work is displayed.

I'd love to know what tools he uses to cut the designs. Surely not the old Exacto knives. Maybe a surgeon's saw? I'm really curious.

Now, I know what to do if I run out of ideas for those long winter days....


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  1. Thanks for your words Sox on BAj. I love your folded books and you are doing Teesha pages too!
    As for Brian Dettmer - I had the pleasure of seeing some of his books at a museum in seattle in the spring and they are mind blowing. I found out today he is TEACHING at Valley Ridge in WI. I would so love to go - 3 days! Pretty cool.



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