I reserve the right to change my mind!

I'm a woman, and the word is that we're changeable. So I'm allowed to change my mind. How wonderful.

I said I'd never do an ATC again. (Artist Trading Card) because they are soooooo small. Only 2.5 x 3.5. That's inches, not centimetres.

So I did a few, a dozen actually for this challenge in one of my Yahoo groups. Send 6 of the same out, and some faery organizes for you to get 5 different ones back.
Then another member of this group offered to do a 1 for 1. Some of these little business cards for artists are little gems.
I guess it's a little bit like short stories compared to novels in literature. You condense your talent in a dozen pages, here you get to show (or practice) over a tiny space and not waste huge money on large canvases. So here's to jumping in.

The first swap had for theme: Ticket to ride, where our travels have taken us. Since I've traveled around the world several times, in both directions, I have a choice o f many photos.

The other swap, one for one, is pretty much anything goes. I've used my own photos, which I manipulated in Photoshop, or photos of my ancestors, great-grand uncles and aunts, and embellished them, as it's called in mixed media. And I must admit I had a ton of fun.
If you've been following my blog, you'll recognize some of the images. I cropped some of my digital creations to 2.5 x 3.5.

I guess that's one way to my creations seen and to get feedback.

... and a few more.

This is my great-grand mother and her brother and sisters doing theatre.

This next one is Mr famous Paul Chabas, with his contemporary namesake (with a Photoshop montage) Mr Paul.

This is Azay le Rideau, a lovely Renaissance castle near my hometown. Small, but so very elegant and graceful.

Two great grand aunts:

And a funny photo in Paris.

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  1. Azay le Rideau is my absolute favorite one. I have a thing for old buildings that were put there just for our viewing pleasure. I'm sure they served/serve a purpose - but, I like to believe buildings like that were put around so you could be curious as to what ever happened in that place. The old photos are priceless. I'm addicted to old photos like that. I have no photos of my family as we were/are wanderers who tend not to keep much so we can leave at anytime. So, I've taken up to buying bunches of them from this great place we have in town here. The owner grabs them and puts them aside for me when people come bring in their old stuff for him to sell for them! Thank you for sharing! xo


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