Starting a Yahoo group

There has been so much excitement about the ones of us who have signed up for a sketchbook, I have started a Yahoo group to hold our discussions and inspiration.

It's found here:
Anyone can join.

A few days ago, I posted about the Art House group, which hosts the sketchbook project. For $18 or $21 if you live outside the States, you receive a small notebook, and they assign a theme to you and a barcode number. You have till January 4th to fill your notebook with ANYTHING you desire, related or not to your theme.
There is no jury, and no auditing.
The idea is to see how 3000 people think and view a particular theme.
The books will be donated to the US library system, and anyone will be able to hire a book out and take it home and look at it.
I find that very inspiring.

The themes are varied and fun.

So, come take a look at our site. I've posted some photos of the previous entrants, since this is round 4. The organizers have been doing this since 2007.... talk about a long breath of a project.

The photo here is from a past entrant: yard_ape. And yes, the head IS cut off, it's not a problem of upload. What artists do, I guess!


  1. What a fascinating project. Have fun with it.

  2. I have signed up for this... must take photos and share my pics x


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