Sharing the love

Blessings are many in my life. I wake up every day and express my gratitude for the amazing life that I live.

No other time more than today and these past few days, leading up to my birthday on Sunday. Online and offline friends have been showering me with their love. Let me share with you.

My step-sister sent me a huge parcel from France. It was filled with tons of goodies for me and for Mr Paul, my puppy. There was a box of origami paper and i've been making terriers in paper!!! She'd enclosed a new trend in France, a little clip to hang your purse off the cafe or restaurant table.

She's also included some very old menu proofs that belonged to the famous uncle's stash. We don't know if they are his illustrations, although it's unlikely. But those menus will look awesome in one of my paintings or in a journal.

There was a beautiful white blank box that looks like a book and that I can decorate as I please.

Next, wonderful Toni in the States sent me tons of ephemera for my collages, a beautiful hand-made card and a stunning old Whittier birthday book. Some of the labels and old letters are already in my shabby chunky journal.

Out of the blue, Duane (Phredike) from my Yahoo group, sent me 4 of the glass beads magnets that he makes. They are totally gorgeous and I love the top one, with the Da Vinci face in it.

Yesterday, the mail delivered a parcel from my wonderful Janet, in which she had wrapped some handsome handmade papers, an awesome hand made pin that I will wear in Las Vegas next week at the Art Retreat, and a little bag with stunning buttons, and a tiny, tiny buddha. One of the buttons is the hand of Fatima, and my uncle had given me one years ago, and I've recently lost it. Synchronicity.

Then Monday when I went to my RMT appointment (massage), wonderful Dale treated me for free!!!

I feel so well loved and cared about.
Saturday, a wonderful friend in town has invited me to go to lunch to this lovely place by the water where I know they have gorgeous food, and for Sunday, I've planned a long and luxurious spa session for myself!!!!!

See, I am blessed indeed.

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  1. maybe what they say is right, sometimes .. boys are dumb. lol

    I was regretting that I couldn't pop over there or do anything cool I could think of for your birthday, and all I would have to have done was something like one of your others friends have done here - that is all very cool .

    But I have no imagination for these things , apparently ;-)

    On the other hand I just came across a pic I think will make you laugh - I'll e mail it right now :-)


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