Wabi sabi panels

These little guys are 4x6, 6 of them are on thin paint board, and the other 6 are on mini canvas.

In the middle of the painting, I wanted to experiment with blue. The problem with the Alcohol Inks (AI) is that they have these fancy poetic names like: worn corduroy, fresh hay, antique paper, but you just can`t tell what color they are. So a lot of experimenting goes on as well as the painting... lol

I had it in mind to use blue, and it turned out an aged look, so in my crazy mind, I thought it would look good with a steampunk theme, and one thing led to another and here are two panels under the steampunk heading. Why not!!!

Some of these colors turn out amazing. They seem to blend well with the glazing medium and the black border really sets them off. I am certainly having fun making them. It`s messy work though, that glazing stuff is sticky and I used the heavy medium for gluing the little watch parts together, let`s stay it`s a job that sticks with you!!!


  1. I just adore these little ones!! I think they are fabulous alone or in a grouping. I like the steampunk one on the right and the two bigger wabi sabi's are really pretty. Well, I just like all of them!!!

  2. Those with the steampunk are really interesting. Are those like stencils?
    Keep on going. You are certainly on a roll.

  3. Very cool, Sox! Now, could someone "define" Wabi Sabi for me?? I've looked it up and no matter how hard I try, I can't get a working definition in my head. LOL. Help!

  4. LOL, I'm with Barb...wabi sabi?
    What I do know is that these are BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks for the inspiration Sox! :)

  5. These are soo pretty! The colors and textures are just spectacular. I need to explore alcohol ink and gel mediums I think. I recognize those stencils too! Cool!

  6. Sox;
    These pages are beautiful. Did you add glaze to the alcohol inks? I have never done that before.


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