A new beginning

'tis the season of new beginning. Even far North in Canada (OK, on the West coast) little daring green things are starting to poke their head towards the sky.

Lent started today, for those of us who were brought up Catholics. And for all others, it's a time of reflection before the onslaught of growth, greenery, new life: SPRING!!!!!!

It is the time when I think of the year ahead, what it will be made up, what do I want it to be made of?

What new creations are burgeoning, what new directions need to be followed? Pre-spring is a time to go within, to listen to the new growth that wants to be heard.

It's also time for new beginnings. Or New Beginnings. Here's a beautiful video to reflect on new beginnings, the ones that are in our power.

A season to open our heart to the call. Whatever form that will take for you.


  1. Such a nice video. We can hope--that's what we thought in 2009 when we elected a new President in the U S--that things would change--and now a majority of us are being held hostage by another group causing gridlock continually. Sometimes what people hope for isn't always what we get--but we keep persevering--trying to send out those good thoughts and vibes and hope toward all people. It's not always easy...

  2. Beautiful. Thought provoking and hopeful. My word for the year...Hope.
    Thank you.

  3. Ah, I've seen this video somewhere before... very touching. Thanks for sharing it :-)

    And when I SEE that first little bud of spring I'll believe it. For now I'll just freeze with hope buried deep inside of me :-)


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