Acrylics of the day

This first one is quite large, my largest so far. It's 24x30. Then what do you do with a large painting like that when it's finished? It gave me no end of trouble, and I had to leave it for a while to become objective about it.

This next one is smaller, 16x28, and I used stencils again extensively. Stencils are great fun, but they take to be so meticulous. It's so easy to go outside the stencil borders and have spray paint all over. Also, at this time of year in Western Canada, it's only around 8 to 10C outside, so I try to limit the time I stay out there. I suspect I'll be exploring sprayed stencils extensively when the summer comes.

It's funny how a painting never turns out the way you intended. On this one, on the top left, there is a collage of this amazing old iron and wood door. So I thought, I'm going to do an aged, wabi sabi come grunge painting.

Haha, nothing like it at all. But I've learned not to fight it. I just go where it goes and let myself be surprised.

I wonder how that works when someone gets a commission for a particular painting. It seems to me the painting that comes out is whatever the muse has in mind for that day!!! Lesson: take commissions that are open ended I guess.


  1. I like this one on the bottom best. I like the softness of it. Many, many layers to look at. When I have done commissions (and of course my stuff isn't abstract) but we would agree on a theme or a piece that I had made that had already sold and we would agree on a color family and then I got free rein to create the piece--worked for me and for them!!

  2. I'll take them to galleries with you for 0 commission, this spring! :-)

  3. I agree - I like the 2nd one better, but the first one is also interesting. It has great textures and layers. I think one thing that is distracting to me is the blue stripe or L shape that runs through the middle of it. Other than that I really like it. :)

  4. I like the bottom one better too. The softness and the layers are very pretty. I have no doubt you will "fix" the top one and make it sing.

  5. This is just my very amature opinion...I felt that the blue in the first painting dragged my eye - my attention - out of the picture and I found it really hard to bring it back to see what else was on the canvas...
    I like the bottom one...I'd really like to see them in person - I may have a totally different perspective.....

  6. I like them both Sox but I too can't figure out the blue in the first one. It kind of sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn't say anything to me except what on earth is it. lol

  7. I also like them both, they are both beautiful for different reasons. I love the reverse stamping in the second (or at least I believe it's reverse stamping!), and the texture in the first is stunning!
    How did I not know you were Canadian? ;)

  8. I absolutely love your artwork. I think it is quite stunning. I found your blog tonight and will stop by often.

  9. Hi Sox, I'm following. It's Coleen from Yahoo Mini-Books group. Would you follow on my blog? That makes it easier for me to get back here from mine. You've made a pretty blog. Way to go, Sox.


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