Funky journals

Here are some recent funky journals I just made.

I made the first one for Valentine's day, to receive pictures of all the amazing expressions of love for my birthday. It's a funny day to be born, Valentine's Day. It's given me lots of opportunity to reflect on romantic love, as opposed to spiritual or unconditional love. I thought this year would be a good year to record those thoughts and put them down on paper.
This is the front cover: 

I have been studying various books on paper fabric. Here's a close up of the back cover with a multi-layer heart.

Here are two of the pages inside:

Yes, it's me on the left page, displaying the gorgeous scarf pin my sister sent and which I wore at the lunch my good meditation friend treated me to.

The second book I made is in prevision of a week long retreat I'm doing in June with Carrie Burns Brown. She teaches abstract acrylic painting, and the retreat will be about color. So I made a black and white book, thinking I would fill it with samples of the work we make during the retreat, and that they would be colorful.

This was my first time using metallic thread and thanks to my Yahoo group at Sketchbook project, I got a lot of help and advice, and managed it. I also covered my crazy quilting with a piece of organza scarf I had found at the thrift store, and it looks really neat. 

These are terribly fun to make. I have not even painted this week, having too much fun.

I even made a funky bracelet to go with my funky journal for the Art and Soul retreat this coming week. I leave Saturday!!!! yeah~~

This one I just made with yarns that  Lisa sent over via the Birthday faery.
And the one on the left got made with a scarf I had. It will be a full shitzu doggy when it grows up.


  1. Sox - your journals are so deliciously inviting and they make me want to reach out and feel them. I'm sure your black and white journal will be so beautiful filled out with your samples of acrylic paintings. Thanks for showing them to us, and for sharing your smiling, friendly face too!

  2. Wonderful journals! I especially like the heart on top of the cutout fabric ..I just want to take a peek under there! They must be so much fun to create!

  3. Sox, your journals are beautiful!! love the multi layer heart! Have fun and learn lots of new stuff at the retreat!!

  4. Your newest books are just great. Love the bracelet you made--so that was you in the video??? I wondered if it was?

  5. Your bracelet is beautiful! I am so proud to have had a small part in it, LOL. Oh and your journals are really cool. I LOVE the black and white one. Wait, do I hear that class calling me?? (Liiiiisssaaaa... cooooooome heeeeere...)

    I have to say it's nice to put a face to your name. Sure, I've seen you before, but only a tiny picture as your google profile. You have a truly beautiful smile. It reaches all the way up your face to your eyes.

  6. What a splendid, productive week you've had. Love the journals and bracelets!

  7. Sox;
    YUMMY! These books are fantastic. I really love the romantic journal! You must excel at absolutely everything because all your work is so beautiful. I especially love those bracelets too.

  8. Such inspiring work Sox! So much wonderful texture. I can't wait to see what you create at Art and Soul, have a great time!
    Much Love

  9. Love your books. What fun to fill that black and white one with color! Can't wait to see what you do at that retreat.

  10. love these books and the bracelets.
    i need to pull out my sewing machine.
    if only i didn't need to go to work.


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