Finished creating my RR Nick Bantock book

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on my previous Nick Bantock spread.
I've  now completed my book ready to start its journey to be added to by other artists.

Here's the front and back. I finished it in high gloss varnish. It's called "An unusual journey with Nick:

In the front cover, there is a sea lion and a lemur. And a registered mail stamp.

As you open the book, you find an envelope:

And a letter in the envelope.

I had so much fun with this letter. I burnt it, aged it, spilled coffee on it.  There's a calendar page, for 29 November.

This side are my directions and suggestions on how to use my book.

On the facing page, I've used found poetry.

I also included a postcard with my introduction.

The ladies are great-grand aunts.
And here are my two pages, slightly changed.


  1. Wow Sox, you are ambitious! Both your projects look great, appropriately frou-frou for Marie and I think your NB pages look like his with Sox mixed in. Perfect!

  2. Sox... I have not heard of NB... I need to do some research on him... and links?

  3. Your two page spread turned out really good!! And of course the directions would come in a letter!!!

  4. What a great idea, Sox! I recently borrowed the entire Griffin & Sabine set from a friend and was literally enthralled.

    I'd love to see your finished book when it is returned to you.


  5. You are all correct!! Sox's NB book is even more lovely in person. Yes, I have her book in hand because I am the lucky person that gets to work in her book next. Sox, I love how you made the letter of instruction (it looks so authentic) and the photo of your great-aunts makes it really personal. Time to start brushing up on some mail art techniques...


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