3 more abstract paintings for today

I started the day with a large, 48x48 automatic painting. It's  now gone through various iterations.
I feel there is a design starting to come out.

The next two are smaller canvases, I'm playing with the sense of structure in the middle, and adding texture.

ON this gold and blue one, there is a lot of gel medium making up the texture, then the white paint was applied with a spackle knife, a technique I really enjoy.


  1. Love the gold and blue one! Something resonates with me. I cant belive how prolific you are!

  2. The gold and blue is my favorite also!!

  3. I love the first one so much!! I see dancing figures in that. A joyful celebration.. I really love it!

  4. Beautiful abstracts- they flow wonderfully and the colors lead the eye all around the canvas!


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