Round Robins, Steve Aimone, Nick Bantock and multi-tasking

It has been a busy day! You be the judge...

First I had to get on with some commitments I have with various Round Robin journals. I completed a double-page spread in Lori's book for the Round Robin on my Yahoo group, the Sketchbook Project. Her theme is: 'The texture of time". I found the book extremely challenging as the pages were pre-painted a glimmery purple.
But onward we go, facing the challenges we meet, with resolution and creativity. I glued some extremely old pages I have from a French book. It's a Moliere comedy, and time is a comedy isn't it? An illusion at best.Here is the double spread, complete with old lace, several transfers, and a super scotch tape, since I know Lori loves tape.

And here are some close ups. I added some tassels to give it the taste of old France in the xviith century. I'd like to add some words, but I'm afraid my handwriting will mess it up. I have till tomorrow's post to decide.

Next, I worked in Janet's book in our Marie Antoinette exchange. Her theme is 'Anything Marie" which is really broad. I tried to render the opulence and the richness that I associate with Marie Antoinette era.

On the left, I have shopping labels, and on the right, I have Marie's corset, all decorated with lace and dooh dahs. Here's the girl who has everything, so she can't choose what to wear. As a background, I used some really beautiful vintage wallpaper I received in an exchange. What fun!

Then onward to my first automatic drawing of the day! Here goes.

 I then worked on a new painting from an exercise I found in Rolina Van Vliet book on Abstract Painting. I'm not anywhere near her suggestions, but it was still good practice. The paper is now dripping wet, particularly the bottom part, and it's drying.

 And finally, I went and rescued a painting I did a while back that was a giant mess. I had already covered most of it in white, so I got a chance to work on it today. It will be a Nick Bantock style painting when it grows up. Or when it dries up, whichever comes first.

It has a lot of texture, and I am now struggling to incorporate it with what I've learned at the Steve Aimone's workshop last week on the Spiritual Language of Art. I had created this painting in 'another life' and now I have to relearn to use fluid acrylics. This one is a large painting (for me) on canvas, 22x30. It will keep evolving.

Stay tuned.

So all in all, I think I'm doing pretty well for the 30 for 30 challenge. I bought myself a few days of rest, or...


  1. I love the Nick Bantock style painting and the rest I commented on in sketchbooks. You deserve a rest girl!! Kick back and have a nice glass of wine!

  2. Wow! You have been prolific!! How great is that? You definitely can afford to take a few days off, if that is your choice. I love your Round Robin and Marie pages, and I especially like your "rescued" painting. You're an inspiration!

  3. Seriously? I think you've already done 30 projects in the past week! And it's all fabulous, as usual! The middle abstract looks like two people flying. Can you see it?

  4. Beautiful!

    I have not been here for too long. Your work honestly and always lifts my spirits. Thank you!


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