Two for today in the 30 for 30 challenge

...and it's only midday on my island...

This first one started as an automatic drawing, as I learned last week in the Steve Aimone workshop. Then I just played with it. It will probably evolve into something else through the day. It's on paper, 48x48.

The next one is the transformation or evolution of yesterday's red horizontal landscape, which was really doing nothing for me. It went through several stages this morning. I like it as it is, so I'm calling it finished.I just wish it were bigger, it's only 13x19. But so it is.


  1. ONLY 13 x 19!! I really like this one!!

  2. I really like both of these! I love the blue and gold together. And the texture and color on the second one are both great! I like it as is too!

  3. my first visit to your site and I looed at these with my mind hangin open and loved each one---very exciting work.

  4. Howdy,
    Like your abstract work!

    What do you mean by'automatic'? Are you a psychic?

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