Mini art quilt

I am taking an online class with Lenna Andrews to learn to make mini art quilts. Since I've always sewn, I thought it would be interesting to combine the two, art and sewing.

I also signed up for a mini Chunky book with a Vintage theme. I thought it would be great to practice my newly acquired skills by making a mini quilt page. Those pages are 4x4 inches!!!! Small... Minus 1/4" for the binding.

I have a lot of lace for my Marie Antoinette projects, so it wasn't hard to find something to fill the pages. The little pictures are simply sewn on . I've used a lace background, lace strips, and on some of them, I've added some cheesecloth that I'd previously dyed in coffee. Very vintage!

Thankfully in lesson one, Lenna was showing how to attach various embellishments without sewing. That worked for me, since I had decided to include several buttons, and multiply that by about 20 people that have signed for the chunky book so far, I didn't feel up to the tasks.
Yes, all these pearls and buttons are simply glued on.

I had to leave a 1/4" tab with a piece of card on the left, so my pages can be included in the finished book with everyone`s pages, and wire bound.

Here's the whole pile of them, with variations on the theme. I will now add some pearls and beads off the side so it hangs and adds to the chunkiness, since it IS after all, a chunky book.

On the back is my signature, and we were advised to finish it as well.

Very fun indeed!


  1. Great job Sox!! Your little mini quilts are very nice!

  2. Those are mini works of art, Sox! I love them! Very pretty. You get so much done - I am totally impressed!

  3. Sox, you have done a wonderful job on so many little quilts! I really like your layering of netting and lace, bravo! I think you will really enjoy lesson 2 with the inkjet printing on twill tape and transfers, etc. thanks so much for sending me this link, lenna

  4. These are great! I love the vintage look.

  5. These are wonderful. The swappers will be so lucky to receive your pages. Glue works. lol

  6. These are just so beautiful, so inspiring

  7. Your mini's turned out really nicely. Very vintage and full of texture, and embellishments! Lucky recipients, to have those!


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