So many projects

Too much fun, that's all I can say.
So I do suffer from AADD, Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder, and like a bee, I bumble from one project to the other.

It probably has to do with all these swaps, exchanges and Round Robin I sign up for or I'm invited to join in.

This past week, I"ve been making cards as presents for the wonderful artists who are in my Yahoo group and sharing a Marie theme in small scrapbook folders that we're converting into altered folders.

The problem with Marie Antoinette is how do you include enough bling, lace and dooh dahs to be true to the period, and still stay in the realm of good taste. Or maybe the decadence was so extreme that good taste is a moot point?

For something completely different, I painted a fairy card for a tip-in exchange in another Yahoo groups: mini Books. This card will go to Sally in the UK.

Finally, I made an 8x8 page for my friend with whom I'm trading a one-to-one page on famous ladies. We came up with a list of ladies we admired and will be happy to exchange.

My first one is Coco Chanel. I just watched the movie: Coco before Chanel. I also have a sweet spot for her, because she was born in my home town.

It certainly was a different creation than all the Marie Antoinette project....

For a Round Robin  in which I participate, the next journal I get to work in is themed Alice. I'm teaching myself how to do 3D collage. I've always wanted to do that. I found a rather complex image that I printed many times.

Then I glued all the characters back in many layers. Alice is 4 layers, Rabbit is 6, the Queen has 5.

This side view helps to see some of the layers. Now to find a way to mail it so that it doesn't get squeashed.

On the facing page, I'm doing a digital collage, and will hide it behind a door inside a tree:


  1. wow - you are busy! LOVE the marie stuff- very cool. You have many excuses now why your desk is the way it is... mess? no! creatively arranged. :)


  2. Wow! Those cards!!!! I am tired just looking at all you have done!!! Yummy--every bit of it!!!


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