30 art pieces over 30 days

See my new logo on the right? It was created by wonderful Lisa Cousineau for our challenge on my Yahoo group, the Sketchbook project.

One artist was asking how one finds her voice? I had read somewhere that in one University, the students were told to create 80 pieces over 60 days. The intensity of the experiment would bring out your 'true' self.

We just happened to think it would make a fun challenge, and voila!

We started Saturday, May 15th, since I was involved all week in an intensive and marvelous workshop with Steve Aimone. (More on this in a very soon post...) Since we were painting at least 5 pieces each day, it was best to start the challenge when I wasn't so productive already in a class environment.

I painted this late yesterday afternoon, after I set up my new easel, moved all the furniture around my studio so I could reclaim the beautiful Northeastern light in my studio, dragged around a monstruous 3-seater sofa bed that came with the house.

It's painted on paper that we used for the class. I really didn't like the painting underneath, and Steve taught us: when you're not happy with a painting, make big changes. I only kept the middle top part and covered the rest in white. How's that for big changes, Steve?  That is ONE thing I can say about my own artistic journey, I am not attached or precious about what I create. Off it goes if it doesn't work.

I think I learned that through sending my altered journals around the world, trusting my little gems to the vagaries of the Post Office and the moods of participants.

This is the original painting done early on in the workshop. Steve was calling out directions, paint a triangle in the top right corner. Of course, I put it in the left. There's always one in the class, isn't there? Put some angry marks in the bottom left corner, cover them with a yukky mixture of paint. I don't remember the rest, then eventually, we had to 'make' a painting out of it. Yep. it was ugly. I like the new version better..


  1. Hi Sox-fun to see your postings!! Are all of your 30 projects going to be so big????

  2. That's fascinating, Sox! I love hearing about the process of the workshop and your process as you're painting too. I like your new version better too! I must look into something to make larger paintings on also - something inexpensive so I am not so worried about "wasting" paper or canvas, etc. I was wondering what kind of paint you used too.


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