My other Marie RR

I am also member of a large Marie Antoinette RR with 15 other talented ladies.

I have just worked in Marita's book. Her theme is 'anything Marie' which really gives us a lot of latitude.

I started with choosing a pair of gloves for the Queen. She should not leave the house without them.

I made a fabric flower for her cuff as well. Ribbon, lace, pearls, glam galore.

After all this frou frou extravaganza, I found myself quite empty. I made an aged old background, with lots of gold and texture, then I just didn't know where to go with it.

I built it up slowly always thinking: this is not enough. It needs more. What a stretch.

I think I'm getting close.....

All that gold and organza, and glitter, and ribbons, and.... very Maire, I'd say....


  1. I love the gold, glitz and well you need a little bling or maybe some tramp to go with the classic like a net stocking across one little little space. I always like my class with a little tramp. Lori

  2. Yes, and yes, definitely. That's what's missing. Thanks Lori...

  3. Oh yes, I think that is Marie... and I love the gloves idea... may I borrow it?

  4. Great to see your pages. Love the textured gold background and the Marie baubles!!

  5. looks wonderful to me!

  6. Love 'em, Sox, Thanks! Especially that gold textured background! Just missing one of your wonderful corsets!!! LOL!


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