Nick Bantock page

I just finished a Nick Bantock inspired page for the RR I have joined. This is my theme: anything Nick Bantock. So now, I have to perform and create a page for my book in his style.

Here is the one I  made yesterday. You be the judge.

I also made my first abstract painting, probably since high school, in prevision of a workshop I'm taking next week, for 5 days, with Steve Aimone, who will be teaching us the Spiritual Language of Art. We're using 48x48 format, and we all got paper in a roll of 50 yard. You think that'll be enough for one week?

And last, two paintings that I worked on from the class I'm taking online with Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen.  I am less than impressed with my ability to generate good transfers. This one is made with a transparency. Some of it lifted, leaving the paint with it, and revealing the white canvas. Grrrrr. Quick fix. It's a canvas, and it sure looks old and worn. I've rubbed some gold paint in place, looks like it comes straight from an old church in France!!!!

This next one is done with paper napkins underneath, and 2 transfers, the word 'wish' on the right, which I'd remembered to flip, and the columns underneath the word. The bird on the left was part of a napkin, and pretty much disappeared, so I repainted it by hand.


  1. I really like the Wish one and the color on the other--is that tar gel on the abstract or did you distress it someway? I haven't looked at any Nick Bantock for quite a while--need to go take a look before I can give you a comment.

  2. You certainly get around. I admire how you are always doing new things.

  3. I love your transfers ... the best part of transfers is that even when they don't work out, you still end up with a distressed image you can use for a background! I think both turned out great! I'll have to google Nick Bantock .. I don't know his work.

  4. Sox;
    Your transfers look good from my standpoint. I have yet to tackle this as I think in my head ahead of time that it won't look good - I psych myself out before I even do it!


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