Abstract paintings

I have been following an abstract painting book, and my first painting this morning is below. Of course, it's nothing like the example, and hers was full of boxes and compartments. Funnily enough, if you know me, I just can't fit into compartments. So mine resulted more into an explosion of colors, even though I started on a black background. Wear your sunglasses. It's supposed to be an exploration of colors, so I think I really succeeded here.

I next did an automatic painting, on a paper I had covered with gel medium, on the recommendation of my friend Jill, who also attended the Steve Aimone workshop. The paper didn't desintegrate, so that works for me. I then turned the automatic drawing into a rendition of a flower outside my window, blowing in the wind. Probably still too literal.

I went to the Post Office to send off 2 journals I've completed in 2 different RRs I'm in. I mentioned to the attendant that I'd been at a painting workshop last week. She asked if it was the same one another customer had been to. I said yes. She said, it must have been something, the other customer was just so high and excited. Yep: that's the same workshop!!!!

I then did more work on my 'Nick Bantock" painting. I'm getting quite happy with it.
It's getting quite dark and intense, like some of Nick's paintings, and I like it. I have to decide now if I'm going to go the whole Bantock distance and add collages: stamps, exotic figures or animals. TBA.

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  1. I like your color choices but I don't like abstract art as much as you do .


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